1- Hi Suzy! idk if you’ll remember me, i…

1- Hi Suzy! idk if you’ll remember me, i was the anon one year ago who asked for advice for feeling more confident and who cuted her hair short and felt better? thought you’d be happy to know that I’ve been doing things for myself this past year, like you said I should, and I had a very hard time this year, but I kept on taking care of myself even tho it was really really hard.. as you said, it’s a long process, and I just start to feel a bit more confident, –

I give my opinion, even if it burns inside of me when I do, and I try not to care about what people think. I followed all the different advices you gave to other anons too and I can see changes. I thought I would just get better with time but what changed was me! and I’m really fine with that. I’m still working on going out and speak to people, but I think I’ll get there with more time. 

I cut all the toxic relationships off, even if it meant being alone and lonely sometimes. Now I know what’s good and bad for me, and it changes everything. I might struggle for years before I feel confident enough but I wont give up. Thank you, you were my starting point, if that means anything.

yes yes i remember you!!! 😀 that is amazing omg you can be really proud of how far you’ve come and i am so so happy that i was able to help 💞 you seem to be on the right path and it’s great that you feel more confident now! 😀

i hope you’ll grow even more with time! keep going and feel free to message me and lmk how things are anytime 🙂