[IG] 180810 intankhasanah: For the LOVELIEST, …

[IG] 180810 intankhasanah: For the LOVELIEST, PUREST, MOST BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED GIRL that I’ve ever met..ahh, I lost my words on you. The moment I knew that you wanted to meet me personally..it’s just unbelievable. Really. Even the committees were surprised. You, with the-angelic-barbie-looks, just came across the room and suddenly hugged me when I didn’t know how to react (I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so yeah I was like an awkward girl, just staring in awe at you before you hugged me).

The strangest thing was, I didn’t feel like I meet my idol. It’s more like meeting my old friend..(I KNOW I’M CRAZY). •

When I was so talkative, saying how amazing, pretty, and hardworking she is (that make me adore her even more), she listened to me carefully. She really focused on me and looked me in the eyes when I talked to her (I believe she is a great listener who can comfort everyone and value other presents very well). She smiled and thanked me, and with that bright-smiling eyes, she told me she watched my dududu dance video with other members (so, @sooyaaa__@roses_are_rosie @jennierubyjane watched my video too….). “You’re so talented”, she said (I’m deceased). Then I told her that I was not that good and I wish I could dance as good as her. She disapproved it! She told me that I’m also a good dancer. She convinced me to keep dancing and cover more dance videos (I’m more than deceased). I also told her that I’m a dancer since I was in junior high school. It made her to encourage me even more. Out of sudden, she gave me an album with signature of all members. “To Intan Khasanah, Cheer up 💖”, is written on the album. •

After that memorable moment, we took SIX pictures together (including TWO selfies). She held my phone and ASKED me to take selfies (Yes, she ASKED me..). “How do we pose? Is it good?”, she asked, when we moved from one to another pose. At the end of this moment, I promise her I’ll make “Forever Young” dance video. She clapped excitedly. She’d like to see it soon. “Fighting!!”, she said. She hope for me to get better. Healthy. Alright, bismillah for that.. I hope she will always remember me.. And I hope I can meet her again. I HOPE YOU GUYS CAN MEET HER TOO!!