is it ok to talk to u like we’re besties…

is it ok to talk to u like we’re besties??? hahaha i have no blackpink stan friends 😭😭 do you guys have any haircolors u like?? any haircolors u wish they used?? personally i loved jisoos purple and pink hair but probably wasn’t easy to manage <3 what about u guys?

Admin Nerea: Yo can talk to us like we’re friends, of course! You can ask me for my twitter or kakao and talk about blackpink all day, hahaha. I looooved Lisa’s hair in the Boombayah era; it was my favorite. But another one that I fell in love with was Rosé’s peachy hair. I’d love to see Jisoo with blue electric hair, or Jennie with grey streaks. 

Admin Alyssa:

I really miss Rose’s blonde hair tbh. She looked so cute but I guess her dark hair looks more natural. I’d love to see Lisa with an exotic color, maybe like an ombre of dark at the top and something colorful at the bottom? I like what they’ve done with Jennie’s hair in the teaser photos so far, too! As Sofia said, all of them with dark hair for a dark concept would be EVERYTHING but I’d also like to see all of them with light hair for a cute concept soon too so I’m conflicted lmao

Moderator Sofia:

Omg this is so sweet of you – of course you can talk to us as friends!! I personally love lisa’s short blonde hair (from predebut) and I agree, jisoo’s purple was iconic. rosé’s (strawberry?) blond hair will always be my fave, though. I would love if the four of them went all black for a dark concept!!

Moderator Charli:
I loved Lisa’s dark to light with the neon yellow streaks it was honestly a look and i loved it. I also would like to see Jennie in something different maybe black or something bright and fun, I think it would look great on her but there havent been any hair colors ive hated. Another one I LOVED was lisa’s orange hair from the As If Its Your Last comeback, queen.

Moderator Anna:

Yes of course! I really liked lisa’s blonde hair it was my favorite. jisoo’s purple hair was really cute too. I personally dont want anything big, I love lisa’s hair color at the moment!!