If the admins can choose to raid only one ward…

If the admins can choose to raid only one wardrobe, who among the girls' will you pick and why? Also, the first item that you will immediately reach out for when the girls are not looking!

Moderator Anna: I would chose Lisa’s wardrobe! I love her boyish kinda style on and off stage cause mine is similar. if i could i would take jennie’s moon shirt from the mv it’s so cute. thanks for asking!!

Moderator Charli: I would choose to raid Jisoos wardrobe, it’s always so elegant and she always has the prettiest outfits. I would steal Jennie’s platform heels from their Kiss The Radio visit, or the dress to be honest 🙂 both are super cute! And thanks for the ask!

Moderator Sofia: I would choose Rosé’s wardrobe! I really love her casual street style and how it’s dressed up with feminine accessories like bags and jewellery. if i had to pick an item it would definitely be this denim jacket. thank you for the ask!

Admin Alyssa: Just like Sofia, I would LOVE to raid Rosé’s wardrobe. she tends to gravitate towards high waisted shorts, pants, ect. and that’s sort of the style that i only wish i could pull off. I would immediately reach for this pink skirt when she isn’t looking!

Admin Nerea: I would defenitely choose Lisa’s wardrobe! I always tend to use boy clothes (since I’ve always dressed like a tomboy and idk why lol) and Lisa does that too! I would reach for this entire outfit! It’s just like my style!

Hi. I'm from Philippines. Me and My daugh…

Hi. I'm from Philippines. Me and My daughter really love BlackPink. When are they going to have a concert here? Please not on November 2018 because that's my bar exam 😢. Please put it on other month.

Hello! Sorry but we are not BLACKPINK and we do not know their concert schedules for the rest of the year. The only concerts that BLACKPINK have coming up are in Japan as far as we know, sorry if this couldn’t help! 

Is there only one admin on this blog? Because …

Is there only one admin on this blog? Because if it's only one, my goodness god bless you

There used to be two admins but unfortunately, due to personal reasons, one of the admins had to step down. Honestly, FYPC would not have been the way it is now without her hard work and dedication and I’m sad to see her go but happy that she has time to do what she needs to do. For now, though, there is only one admin (me, haha). I’ll try my best to keep this blog updated as much as possible! 

Why do foreign idols, like Lisa, get paid less…

Why do foreign idols, like Lisa, get paid less than those who are Korean? Does that mean whenever BP does a group CF and whatnot, their pay is not equally distributed? Genuine question because I've read a comment where Sorn said that Lisa was the only one among the Thai idols who didn't complain about being paid less as long as she could perform. Is it part of Korean law?

A video clip of Sorn revealing details in the differences in pay between members was revealed a long time ago.

According to Sorn, she and Elkie get at least six less than the amount given to their other members.

The entertainment company did confirm that it was because she was a foreigner and there was a law passed to back it.

She did acknowledge the Cube Entertainment tried their earnest to register everyone so they can receive royalties. But because of legislation between different countries, Sorn can only receive a portion of it. However, we know this is very common between foreigner KPop idols (not only Thai) although we know it’s very unfair.