tbh tho, jyp himself said the dating contracts are more of an advice than a rule; he could be referring to jype only, but dara also said she’s the only one in 2ne1 who respected her no-dating contract, so i’m p sure yge is just as flexible with that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe she left for reasons unknown

hmmm but didn’t dara (i think?) say that he had cameras everywhere and spies on his artists and even reads their messages on their phone to see if they have a significant other? that doesn’t sound like advice to me

the whole reason yg made ikon and blackpink sign contracts saying they can’t drive, drink, date or go out without writing a report (which is so ridiculous, they’re adults) is because of things that occurred in the past, Bora’s drug scandal and TOP being charged with a DUI… I can understand the cautious attitude, he wants them to have no distractions and cares for their safety. He still a troll and needs to cough up a bp comeback already lmao.

yeah makes sense i remember reading that yg wanted to create a kpop group that was “perfect with no flaws” when he talked about blackpink

That’s not true at all, rosé was a part of the original line up since she had joined yg back in 2012, she wasn’t going to be the main vocalist of the group but she was going to debut with the other girls. None of them were last minute additions, originally blackpink was supposed to be a 5 member girl group with eunbi as the main vocalist instead of rosé and her being the 2nd best vocal. So since eunbi had serious health problems, instead of taking a break and debuting later she left the company.

yeah i read that they had 9 members or sth before